Catalin Bradeanu

Catalin is a second year student here at Portland Community College majoring in Electronics. In his first year at PCC, he took courses in electronics, economics, math, and writing, including WR 121 and WR 122. In his previous writing classes, Catalin developed his skills in both creative writing and persuasive essays. He says that he hopes that he will learn skills in this technical writing course that will help him with his future course work.

Catalin currently works as an Outgoing Quality Operator for Wafertech, where he inspects wafers (microchips) and calibrates different measuring tools in the fab. At his job for Wafertech, he uses technical writing for different certifications and tasks that he is assigned by his employer.

Catalin hopes to complete a Bachelor of Science in Electronics by the summer of 2004, after which he hopes to get a high-paying job in the electronics field. He says that the technical writing skills he learns here will help him with different presentations that he will need to do as part of his new career.


Author: Cami Idzerda

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