The Quick and Easy Guide to
Using Graphics in Documents

Most writers want to integrate graphics into their documents at times. A graphic can clarify, demonstrate or explain the text.  A graphic also involves the reader and breaks up the monotony of long, dense text.  Finally, a good graphic just looks nice.  While most writers are not artists or designers, it is fairly easy to find or make simple graphics for documents.  Using graphics correctly is really the trick.
Finding Graphics
There are a number of places (real and virtual) where you can find ready-made graphics.  These include:

Making Graphics
You may not be able to find the graphic you need.  You have several options for creating a visual:
Using Graphics
There is a right way and wrong way to use graphics.  Partly, this correct form is a traditional style used in publishing.  But this style also makes it easier for readers to use graphics to clarify the text.  (See Tips for Using Visuals for guidelines.)
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Written By: George Knox © 2002